About HCAdvocacy

Welcome to the Health Center Advocacy Network – a robust network of over 175,000 Health Center Advocates, recognizable within the Health Center community and to the public at large.  The primary purpose of the Health Center Advocacy Network is to support and advance the Health Center Movement and address the needs of the patients and communities served by health centers. HCAdvocacy.org provides access to best practices in order to establish advocacy infrastructure, training, information, tools, guidance, and general advocacy support. We welcome and offer these advocacy resources to serve two primary goals; to ensure sustained growth, consistent action and responsiveness across the Health Center Advocacy Network and to support health centers in securing resources in order to thrive and care for all those in need in our communities through advocacy.

America’s Health Centers are special places, not just in the health care system, but in the fabric of the communities they serve. Community, Migrant, Homeless, and Public Housing Health Centers, also known as Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), are non-profit, providers of high-quality, affordable primary and preventive care serving low income and medically under-served communities. Every one of these organizations is a patient democracy, governed by a community board with a patient majority. Currently, health centers provide comprehensive care to over 27 million patients at 9,800 service delivery sites in every state and territory. health centers save the health care system $24 billion annually in reduced emergency, hospital, and specialty care costs.

The Health Center Advocacy Network is led and organized by The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), a nonprofit organization formed by America’s Health Centers. For over 50 years, NACHC has provided education, training, advocacy, and technical support services to health centers, State & Regional Primary Care Associations and Health Center Controlled Networks, and has worked to expand access to primary and preventive care to all people in need through the patient-centered, community-based health center model. Learn more about health centers at www.nachc.org.

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