ACE Health Center Listing

Below is a list of Health Centers that have achieved ACE status. Click the arrows to expand the list. If your Health Center wants to learn more and apply to become an Advocacy Center of Excellence, click here.

Adelante Healthcare (AZ)

Albany Area Primary Health Care (GA)

Alcona Health Center (MI)

Bakersville Community Health Center (NC)

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (NY)

Cassopolis Family Clinic Network (MI)

Charlotte Community Health Clinic (NC)

Cherry Health (MI)

Christ Community Health (GA)

Community First Health Centers (MI)

Community Health Service Agency (TX)

Community Healthcare Center (TX)

Community Healthcare Network (NY)

Compass Community Health (OH)

Cornerstone Family Healthcare (NY)

Daughters of Charity Health Centers (LA)

Duffy Health Center (MA)

El Rio Community Health Center (AZ)

Erie Family Health Center (IL)

Family Health Center of Worcester (MA)

Family Health Centers (KY)

Family Health Centers at NYU Langone (NY)

Family Health Centers of Georgia (GA)

Family Health Network of Central New York (NY)

Georgia Highlands Medical Services (GA)

Golden Valley Health Centers (CA)

Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center (GA)

Institute for Family Health (NY)

Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. (PA)

Lone Star Family Health Center (TX)

Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program - MEHOP (TX)

Medical Associates Plus (GA)

MedLink Georgia (GA)

Primary Health Care (IA)

Promise Community Health Center (IA)

Outpatient Medical Center (LA)

Shasta Community Health Center (CA)

SIHF Healthcare (IL)

South Boston Community Health Center (MA)

South Central Primary Care Center (GA)

Unity Care NW (WA)

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center (OR)

Western Wayne Family Health Centers (MI)

White House Clinics (KY)

Whiteside County Community Health Clinic (IL)

Whitney M. Young Health Center (NY)

William F. Ryan Community Health Center (NY)

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