Action Needed: Ask Congress to Support the Essential Work of Health Centers in 2017

As you already know, 2017 will be a critical year for health centers. The 115th Congress has just begun, and already fundamental changes to the health care system are being debated that could greatly impact the work of health centers. Congress is planning repeal of major provisions of the Affordable Care Act and make significant changes to Medicaid, all while they still need to address a looming 70% cut to the Health Centers Program before funding expires September 30th. It is critical that every Member of Congress hear from their constituents back home on the value and impact that health centers deliver in communities across the country and that they work closely with us to protect and strengthen the health care system for health centers and their patients in the midst of any changes to come.

Start 2017 off right by taking two easy action steps to deliver the Health Center message to Congress and strengthen your advocacy capacity back home:

  1. Contact Your Members of Congress and Ask Him or Her to Support the Essential Work of Community Health Centers in 2017Email AND post to social media to deliver your message. For more information visit the Campaign for Americas Health Centers resources section.
  2. Build Advocacy Capacity at Your Health Center to be Ready and Effective in Your Advocacy in the Year Ahead! Complete each of the advocacy steps outlined by the Campaign For America’s Health Centers and access resources to support and strengthen your Health Center advocacy throughout the year.

As you’ve heard us say before, the fights this year will require every single Health Center to commit to advocacy as never before. This means going beyond a few leaders staying informed and participating in key calls to action. True commitment means creating a culture of advocacy throughout the Health Center by engaging Board, Staff, Patients and Partners by educating them about what is at stake, their role as advocates, and empowering them to act, repeatedly!

Let’s start this year off strong. Take action today, share this alert with your network and ask that they take action as well to deliver a strong message on behalf of America’s Health Centers and the patients they serve.

Thanks for your ongoing support and commitment to Health Center Advocacy.

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