Board Member Advocacy Certificate (BMAC)


What is the Board Member Advocacy Certificate (BMAC)?

BMAC is a program designed to help educate and engage board members on advocacy and policy issues. Much like the Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE) Program, BMAC consists of a checklist of advocacy-related programming a participant must complete in order to be eligible for the certificate. Board members can and should be powerful and effective advocates for their Health Centers, and this program is intended to help connect them to information and best practices that they can use to create a culture of advocacy at their organization.

Miss the BMAC launch webinar? Click to view the recording and download a copy of the slides.

Who is eligible/should participate?

All Health Center Board Members are eligible to complete the Board Member Advocacy Certificate. Board Members do NOT have to be NACHC individual OR organizational members to participate; this program is open to everyone.


BMAC Application

Click here to download the BMAC checklist/application. If you prefer to fill out the online version, click here. The online form gives you the ability to save your information and complete later, so that you can keep track of the checklist items as you move through the program.

All checklist items must be completed within an 18-month period. Please see the FAQ section below for other frequently asked questions.




Access Past Programming

  • July 2018: Overview of NACHC's Board Member Programming Webinar (click to watch)
  • May 2018: National Health Center Week 2018 Kick-off Webinar (click to watch)
  • April 2018: Board Member Advocacy 101 Webinar (click to watch)
  • February 2018: How to Prepare for the Policy & Issues Forum (P&I) Webinar (click to watch)
  • January 2018: Advocacy Legalese Webinar (click to watch)
  • November 2017: The Board's Role in Advocacy Planning Webinar (click to watch)


Frequently Asked Questions

Any activities completed on or after January 1, 2017 count toward completion of the certificate.

Attending an advocacy session at your primary care association’s annual conference can be substituted for attendance/participation at any (one) NACHC conference.

NACHC is aware that there are states whose PCAs do not organize an annual conference. NACHC will work with the PCA to provide some form of advocacy training for all advocates in that state, including board members who want to complete BMAC.

Completion of BMAC alone does not make a Health Center eligible for Gold ACE status. All Bronze and Silver items, as well as the other Gold items, must be completed in order for a Health Center to be approved as a Gold ACE. However, if a board member has completed BMAC, their Health Center does NOT also have to complete the ALP participation requirement; Gold status requires EITHER ALP or BMAC participation.

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