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COVID-19 Toolkit

Use the resources below to help navigate your advocacy efforts to protect Community Health Centers during and after COVID-19.

Use the resources below to guide your CHC advocacy efforts in the time of COVID-19:

CHC Congressional Ask for COVID-19 4th Stimulus Package

Templates to Identify and Enlist New Allies and Advocates

Congressional Action

Op-Ed Tips and Tricks

Additional Resources

2020 Census Awareness Building

The 2020 Census is a critical effort that translates directly into Community Health Center funding. It is important that we ensure all of the members of our communities are counted this year.


The California Primary Care Association (CPCA) has engaged in multiple virtual efforts to promote census completion during COVID-19.  CPCA has developed the following resources. Check them out to guide your Census awareness-building efforts:

Get Out The Vote Resources

We are partnering with non-profit VotER to build this capacity within the health center movement. Every CHC will receive 2 clings (removable stickers) with QR and text codes that will direct patients, staff, vendors and supporters to a link to register to vote. We hope that you will post these clings to encourage patients and staff to participate in the democratic process. We will be having a state-by-state competition and hope you will join!


There are two ways that you can get additional resources for health center:

  1. Sign up for your Healthy Democracy Kits unique to your Health Center https://vot-er.org/bulkorder/. There is a free digital option and a paid option if you instead want a physical version – both come with monthly reporting of how many patients you’ve registered.
  2. Sign up for your Free Voter Registration Posters and Patient Handouts in English and Spanish branded uniquely for your Health Center https://vot-er.org/site-based-setup/.


Click here to see a Q&A on Health Center Voter Registration Activities.

For more information on COVID-19 relevant to Community Health Centers, click here to go to NACHC’s informational resources.

Spread awareness – share your CHC story on social media. Don’t forget to tag your Member of Congress and use #ValueCHCs when posting!

Vote like our health depends on it.

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National Findings on CHC Response to COVID-19

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Financial Impact of COVID-19 on CHCs

Health Centers as Economic Engines