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COVID-19 Advocacy

Use the resources below to help navigate your advocacy efforts to protect Community Health Centers during and after COVID-19.

Use the resources below to guide your CHC advocacy efforts in the time of COVID-19:

CHC Congressional Ask for COVID-19 4th Stimulus Package

Templates to Identify and Enlist New Allies and Advocates

Congressional Action

Op-Ed Tips and Tricks


Examples of Op-Eds/LTEs Written by CHC Leadership:


Additional Resources

For more information on COVID-19 relevant to Community Health Centers, click here to go to NACHC’s informational resources.

Spread awareness – share your CHC story on social media. Don’t forget to tag your Member of Congress and use #ValueCHCs when posting!

Vote like our health depends on it.

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CHCs on the Front Lines Two-Pager

National Findings on CHC Response to COVID-19

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