Advocacy Data Requests

Unfortunately, due to a shortage of staff, we are unable to process and respond to data requests at this time. Please check back in January.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

See below for some of our frequently asked questions about advocacy data:

The advocacy team pulls reports that require certain information to be filled in on an advocate's profile. This varies slightly depending upon the type of data you request. For example, if someone signs up but doesn't include their state information, they will not be pulled onto a list of your states' advocates (although they are still in our database and will receive advocacy communications). For staff, either a Health Center email address OR completion of BOTH the Health Center Name and Health Center Connection fields is necessary; otherwise they can not be identified as employees of your organization.

This could be happening for a couple of reasons.

1) Only actions taken through NACHC's advocacy platform (via links provided in an email OR direct action on our website) can be tracked in our database. Anyone who sends a personal email or makes a personal phone call cannot be tracked by our system.

2) Sometimes your browser's cookies can be an issue. If multiple people are using the same device to complete an action, it is possible that the first person's information is being saved in the form, and isn't registering when each new person goes to complete the action.

3) If the advocate has not completed their profile with their Health Center name/does not fill in that field on the action alert page, their action cannot be tied back to your Health Center. Make sure your advocates fill this field out each time!

As we continue to engage the Health Center Advocacy Network on capacity-building efforts and calls to action, more and more people are looking for feedback regarding their Health Center or state's response and effectiveness, which is great! We are more than happy to provide you data that will help to build momentum and boost engagement. That said, we receive a LOT of data requests and want to make sure our reports are as accurate as possible, which does require some degree of manual processing. Thank you for your patience as we work to get you the best information we can!

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