Digital Advocacy University

The Digital Advocacy University is designed for individual advocates/health center staff to build their grassroots capacity in the digital space. The program will provide students with trainings and course work on digital advocacy strategy and specific guides for social media management, content creation, and program evaluation. The courses and trainings will be offered in the form of live and recorded webinars each month for a six month period. There is not a cost to join. It will require at least 1-3 hours of work/listening per month.

Health centers/staff with the following characteristics are ideal potential trainees:

  • Have a formal role in communications at their health centers
  • Have a large offline advocacy base, but have limited experience using online tools
  • Have a great interest in amplifying their social media capacity to incorporate advocacy

Past Webinars

  • Access the slides and recording from the kick off webinar on July 18, 2018.  

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