Working With Elected Officials

One of the most important elements to being successful with your advocacy efforts, and as a Health Center Advocate, is having a good working relationship with ALL of your elected officials and their staff. Serving as a trusted voice and resource to your elected officials is the ultimate advocacy and relationship goal. Advocates can and should help their elected officials understand the potential impact of proposed legislation (and current law) on the community, educate them about the work of the health center, and advise them about the true needs of the community. 

We have created several resources to help you create and maintain good working relationships with your elected officials.  

Remember, as with any relationship, you get out what you put in; building and maintaining a relationship with your elected officials takes time, energy, and commitment.

The first step to effective advocacy with your elected officials is to build and/or maintain a good working relationship with those officials and their staff. Access some helpful steps to follow as you work to build fruitful relationships with your Members of Congress by clicking here.

There's a right and a wrong way to request meetings with your Members of Congress, elected officials, and even candidates for office. Following the rules and being persistent are two key elements to confirmed meetings and successful advocacy. Click here to access some tips for requesting a meeting with a Member of Congress or candidate.

In person visits with your elected officials, whether at the Health Center or in some other location, is one of the very best and more effective ways to both develop your relationship and advocate for your Health Center. 

Each year both the House and Senate set calendars indicating when Members will be in D.C. and when they will be back home in your district. Be sure to check out the 2018 Congressional Calendar to see when and where to meet with your Members of Congress.

In-person_meeting.png Tips for Meeting With Your Members of Congress at Your Health Center
Hill_Orange.png Tips for Meeting With Your Members of Congress Outside Your Health Center
Letter_of_Support.png Preparing for Your Meeting With Members of Congress & Elected Officials
Letter_of_Support_Orange.png Effective Communications During Your Meeting 
Checklist.png Key Follow Up for After Your Meeting

Letter_of_Support_Orange.png Toolkit: Health Care Safety-Net Toolkit for Legislators: Health Centers Overview (2013, National Conference of State Legislators)

Letter_of_Support.png Welcome Letter to New State Official

To access the Congressional Meeting Report form, click here. Please complete a separate form for each meeting. Email with any questions.

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