Fight Until the Cliff is Fixed

When it comes to the Health Center Funding Cliff, it’s anything but quiet on Capitol Hill and around the nation. Because of an outpouring of Health Center advocacy, Congress is taking meaningful steps toward fixing the cliff, from committee work to building support for cliff fix legislation. As this work continues, one of the most important things Health Center Advocates can and should do is stay informed of the latest updates on the Health Center Funding Cliff and critical advocacy action steps. In case you missed it, you can get the latest update from the Hill, review simple advocacy action steps, and learn what to expect in the weeks ahead on the most recent NACHC blog.

While there has been important movement to fix the cliff in Congress, we are not yet across the finish line. Health Center Advocates must stay committed to fighting for Health Centers and the patients they serve until the cliff is fixed. There are a few easy steps you can take to show your commitment to Health Center Advocacy and encourage others to raise their voice for Health Centers:

  1. Take a picture using the HC Advocacy ‘Fight Til It's Fixed’ poster and post it to Facebook or Twitter,
  2. Record/post a 30 second video letting your Members of Congress know you’ll fight 'til the cliff is fixed and asking them to take action NOW, or
  3. Change your social media profile picture with the ‘Fight Til the Cliff Is Fixed’ Health Center Advocacy Network frame.

In the coming days and weeks, Health Center Advocates should continue to expect regular calls to action – some with extended timelines and others that will demand immediate attention and action. As Advocates, we must be prepared and ready to respond to whatever comes our way and commit to taking action EVERY TIME. You can get started right now by sending your Members of Congress a message asking them to co-sponsor the CHIME Act – legislation that lays out a five year fix to the Health Center funding cliff.

Because of YOUR advocacy we are closer than ever to a fix for the Health Center funding cliff. We are counting on you to continue fighting until the cliff is fixed! Together we can all ensure a bright future for the Health Center Program and the patients they serve.

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