Get Ready – Cliff Advocacy Needed Every Day This Week!

This week is the final week before the Health Center Funding Cliff takes effect. Despite the thousands of calls and messages sent so far, Congress still hasn’t made fixing the Health Center Funding Cliff a priority. That means with less than one week left until the cliff takes effect, we need to ramp up the pressure even more. To move Congress to act to fix the cliff once and for all we need to continue to generate thousands of calls, messages and posts every day this week, to every Member of Congress, demanding action before September 30th! Even if you’ve already taken action, we need you to do it again and we need you to get others to take action as well. Here’s what you need to know to get ready to turn up the volume – start planning today for each daily activity:


  • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25: National Cliff Call-In Day #2 – Be prepared to overwhelm your Congressional offices with calls – advocates should dial 1-(866) 456-3949 and enter your zip code to be connected to their Members. Access simple directions and a call script to be ready to make calls. Set a goal of having at least half your staff and board make calls on Monday.
  • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26: Fix the Cliff Social Media Blitz – Advocates should take to social media to tweet and post on Facebook demanding their Members of Congress act immediately to fix the cliff. Click here to check out sample posts and be prepared to drive a social media blitz directed at your Members of Congress. Make a personal commitment to generate 3 social media posts to your Members of Congress on Tuesday and ask your friends, colleagues and family to commit to do the same.
  • WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: Fix the Cliff Email Blitz – Health Center Advocates, friends, family and colleagues need to clog Congressional inboxes with as many email messages possible demanding action to fix the cliff. Set a goal to have 100% of your staff and board send a message to their Members of Congress.
  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28: National Cliff Call-In Day #3 – This will be the final day in September while Congress is in session to deliver the Health Center message demanding action to fix the cliff. Until Congress acts our calls must be relentless and our message persistent. Be prepared to raise the bar once again and help generate thousands of calls to Congress – 9 million patients are counting on our advocacy! How many calls can your Health Center make?


The time is NOW. Start planning, set goals, and be ready to act every day. Share these action items with your family, friends, colleagues, and community and ask for their help to deliver the Health Center message. There is too much at stake to stop now! Don’t let Congress delay action any longer – demand that they make Health Centers a priority and demand that they take action immediately to fix the cliff.


The future of the Health Center Program depends on your advocacy –Take Action Today!

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