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Hispanic Advocacy Center of Excellence

Hispanic Advocacy Center of Excellence

The Hispanic Advocacy Center Excellence (HACE), a new iteration of NACHC’s Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE), is an initiative to institutionalize grassroots advocacy at health centers by engaging Hispanic patients and community members in advocacy and giving them a role in the health center movement. To begin, start by taking the pledge on behalf of your health center or primary care association. Then, follow the steps below to institutionalize advocacy at your health center and achieve ACE status. The first four steps will get you to Bronze level – step 5 will take you to Silver and step 6 to Gold. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to reach out to grassroots@nachc.org with any questions.

Did You Know? Health centers provide comprehensive care to over 28 million patients at 11,000 service delivery sites in every state and territory.


  • Take your time going through the steps. This is intended to be a long-term process, not a sprint.
  • Each step links to a resource, but if you can think of additional resources that would be helpful, don’t hesitate to reach out to grassroots@nachc.org.
  • The HACE is designed to be flexible because each health center and each community is unique. If would like more specific goals please reach out to grassroots@nachc.org to discuss developing specific goals for your center.
  • Once you have completed the steps below, complete the online application to become a designated HACE achiever.

#1: Make the commitment to advocacy at your health center.

Take the HACE advocacy pledge.

Set your advocacy goals.

Appoint an advocacy coordinator for your health center.

Pass a board resolution making advocacy a priority.

Incorporate advocacy as a standing agenda item at staff and board meetings.

#2: Provide information about health centers and the importance of advocacy to your patient population.

Schedule a webinar with Shamaal Sheppard (ssheppard@nachc.org) to train advocacy champions at your organization on some health center advocacy basics.

Suggested: Train a minimum of five staff to be advocacy champions or at least one staff person per site your health center serves.

Play this video in your waiting room.

Distribute these fliers at your health center.

Incorporate advocacy into your social media plan using these posting suggestions.

#3: Incorporate advocacy into your community outreach.

Create an advocacy booth for community events and bring these information sheets.

Suggested: use this booth at a minimum of one community event per year.

Host a National Health Center Week event incorporating advocacy outreach.

Organize an open house or community town hall incorporating advocacy outreach.

#4: Provide a way for patients to get involved in advocacy and make a commitment to advocacy.

Leave a sign up form in waiting rooms and around the health center. (Scan and email completed forms to grassroots@nachc.org.

Suggested: set an individual goal for advocate recruitment, at least 50 advocates a year, and check-in regularly with NACHC for updates.

Engage the local media.

Suggested: publish at least one letter to the editor or op-ed annually.

Partner with another community organization on advocacy and/or civic engagement.