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UPDATE: Just this week Representatives Stefanik (R-NY) and Tsongas (D-MA) joined together to lead a bi-partisan Health Center Cliff Dear Colleague Letter addressed to Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi seeking immediate action to extend Health Center funding and fix the cliff once and for all. 

In addition to the Stefanik-Tsongas letter, it is critical to add as many members possible to list of co-sponsors for the CHIME Act – S. 1899 in the Senate and HR 3770 in the House. As Advocates will recall, the CHIME Act lays out a five-year extension to Health Center funding to fix the Health Center funding cliff. By co-sponsoring this important legislation, Members of Congress demonstrate their public support for specific action to fix the cliff.

Take the action steps below, and then blast these steps out to your networks so they do the same. 

  1. Send your Members of Congress a message through the Health Center Advocacy network asking them to co-sponsor the CHIME Act – click here to send your message.

  2.  Call your Representative using the toll-free Advocacy Hotline 1-866-456-3949 and ask that they co-sign the Stefanik-Tsongas Health Center Cliff Letter addressed to House Leadership asking for immediate action to fix the cliff. You can access a call script to help with your call here.

  3. Show your continued support for health centers on social media. Keep fighting for health centers until Congress fixes the cliff. Access social media materials here.

NEW Resource Alert

 Infographic: The Health Center Funding Cliff is Disrupting Access to Care Now- Share it with your legislators! Make the case for health centers. Download the infographic here.   

Additional Cliff Resources


Fix the Cliff News and Media Coverage 

Get latest news & media coverage on the Health Center Funding Cliff from around the country. 

Health Center Funding Information

Health Center Funding Cliff Impact Estimator
Produce a printable infographic demonstrating the funding cliff's potential immediate impact on your health center.

NEW State Level Resource: The Health Center Funding Cliff and Its Impact
This resource, complete with a map and detailed table, provides estimates of the overall impact of the health center funding cliff on patients, staff, and revenue at the state level.

Explainer Chart – Health Center Funding Cliff
Check out a visual representation of the cliff.

Explainer – mandatory vs. discretionary funding
Understand two important components of federal health center funding.

NACHC March 2016 Policy Paper – Investing in Community Health
Read NACHC's policy paper regarding the importance of sustainable federal funding for health centers. 

Health Center Info & Data

Fact_Sheet.pngAmerica’s Health Centers Fact Sheet

Get the latest information and statistics regarding the Health Centers Program.

Fact_Sheet.pngState-level Data, Fact Sheets and Maps 

Check out health center information specific to your state.

Fact_Sheet.pngHealth Center Congressional District Maps/Fact Sheets 

Visualize where health centers are located on a district level.

Fact_Sheet.pngA Sketch of Community Health Centers: Chartbook, August 2016

View graphs, charts, and more with federal health center data. 

Fact_Sheet.pngInfographic: Providing Quality Care, Producing Results


Advocacy Tools & Materials

Advocacy Centers of Excellence Program
Institutionalize advocacy at your health center by completing the steps in the ACE program.

Save_the_date_orange.png 2017 NACHC Congressional Calendar

Fact_Sheet_Orange.png New Member Guide


Medicaid and Health Centers Information

NEW: Medicaid impact statement
Generate a printable infographic demonstrating the impact of Medicaid at your health center.

Health Centers and Medicaid Fact Sheet
Understand how health centers generate value for Medicaid.

FQHC Prospective Payment System One-Pager
Take a look at the basics of the unique PPS rate to health centers.

Partnership for Medicaid homepage
Explore information and resources from this national coalition NACHC participates in focused on preserving and improving the Medicaid program.



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