Make the Case for Health Centers

Take these three critical steps to make the case for your health center:

#1: Institute an advocacy plan at your health center.

The first step in building a robust grassroots advocacy program at your Health Center is to draft a plan that will outline the who, what, where, and when of your advocacy activities. A solid advocacy plan will help you stay organized and allow you to measure your progress and success. Make sure, as part of your plan, you complete the Funding cliff calculator and the your Medicaid impact statement as part of your plan to help prepare you to tell your health center's story. While you're planning your advocacy programming at your health center, one of the steps of the Advocacy Center of Excellence Program, go ahead and consider completing all of the ACE steps.

Template advocacy plan structure
Template advocacy plan 

#2: Engage your state elected officials.

Work with your state and local elected officials to demonstrate deep, committed support for your health center by collecting letters of support that can be sent to your Members of Congress and Governor. Letters will be authored by state/local elected officials and will speak to the critical role your health center plays to its patients and the community at large. Most important, these support letters will urge Members of Congress and the Governor to take action to support your Health Center and Health Centers across the state relative to health center funding and proposals to change the health care system as a whole.

Make sure to coordinate with your Primary Care Association to collect and present support letters to your Members of Congress and Governor.

Template letter from state legislators to Members of Congress
Template letter from state legislators to Governors


#3: Engage your network – spread the word!

Continue to recruit new advocates so that together we can build up our grassroots power. Establish a recruitment goal and be sure to direct advocates to take action from our website that way we can track your advocacy activities. Click here for easy ways to spread the word both in person and online.

Then, share your story – let people know why you value your local health center. Real life stories are truly what makes the case for health center support. Legislators respond to seeing the positive impact a health center makes on their district. Share your story here, then share it on your social media accounts.


Post-election Information

Webinar_Recording_Orange.png Webinar Recording from 2.22.17


Presentation_or_PPT_orange.pngSlides from the 2.22.17 Policy & Advocacy Update

Webinar_Recording_Orange.pngWebinar Recording from 1.18.17

Presentation_or_PPT_orange.pngSlides from the 12.14.16 Policy & Advocacy Update

 Webinar_Recording_Orange.png Webinar Recording from 12.14.16

 Template_Orange.pngTalking Points-the value of health centers, funding and Medicaid

 Template_Orange.pngNACHC Memo: Post-election analysis and 2017 outlook


Health Center Info & Data

Fact_Sheet.pngAmerica’s Health Centers Fact Sheet

Get the latest information and statistics regarding the Health Centers Program.

Fact_Sheet.pngState-level Data, Fact Sheets and Maps 

Check out health center information specific to your state.

Fact_Sheet.pngHealth Center Congressional District Maps/Fact Sheets 

Visualize where health centers are located on a district level.

Fact_Sheet.pngA Sketch of Community Health Centers: Chartbook, August 2016

View graphs, charts, and more with federal health center data. 

Fact_Sheet.pngInfographic: Providing Quality Care, Producing Results


Advocacy Tools & Materials

Advocacy Centers of Excellence Program
Institutionalize advocacy at your health center by completing the steps in the ACE program.

Save_the_date_orange.png 2017 NACHC Congressional Calendar

Fact_Sheet_Orange.png New Member Guide

Template_Orange.pngTemplate Letter from State Legislators to Congress

Template_Orange.pngTemplate Letter from State Legislators to Governors

Health Center Funding Information

NEW: Funding cliff calculator
Produce a printable infographic demonstrating the funding cliff's potential impact on your health center.

Explainer Chart – Health Center Funding Cliff
Check out a visual representation of the cliff.

Infographic: Federal CHC investments in FY15 and FY16

Use this visual tool to demonstrate health centers' reach.

Explainer – mandatory vs. discretionary funding
Understand two important components of federal health center funding.

NACHC March 2016 Policy Paper – Investing in Community Health
Read NACHC's policy paper regarding the importance of sustainable federal funding for health centers.


Medicaid and Health Centers Information

NEW: Medicaid impact statement
Generate a printable infographic demonstrating the impact of Medicaid at your health center.

Health Centers and Medicaid Fact Sheet
Understand how health centers generate value for Medicaid.

FQHC Prospective Payment System One-Pager
Take a look at the basics of the unique PPS rate to health centers.

Partnership for Medicaid homepage
Explore information and resources from this national coalition NACHC participates in focused on preserving and improving the Medicaid program.


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