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Take Action

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Health centers across the country are still facing a 70% funding cliff.  We must continue to demand that Congress takes action to fix the health center funding cliff and protect the vital services they provide to 27 million patients. This week, call both of your Senators and your Representative in Congress, demanding action on the cliff. Make the health center voice impossible to ignore. 

  1.  Right now, the best way to demonstrate strong bi-partisan support for a Health Center Cliff Fix is with a solid and extensive list of co-sponsors on the Senate and House CHIME Act – S. 1899 in the Senate and H.R. 3770 in the House – both bills mapping out a five year cliff fix. Contact your Members of Congress right now - send them a message asking that the co-sponsor the CHIME Act and take immediate action to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff. Our next chance to move Congress to act for a cliff fix is right now, in the first half of October. Help keep the pressure up and volume on loud until the cliff is fixed once and for all – send your Members of Congress a message right now. You can find the list of cosponsors in the House here and in the Senate here.

  2. Show your continued support for health centers on social media. Keep fighting for health centers until Congress fixes the cliff. Access social media materials here. 



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