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Senate Letter Closed!

Thank you for all of your outreach on the Wicker-Stabenow Health Center Funding Letter!

The FY19 Wicker-Stabenow Health Center Support letter closed on April 11, 2018. View the final list of Senate cosigners here.

The FY19  Bilirakis- Green Health Center Support letter closed on March 16, 2018. See the final list of House cosigners here.

Thank Your Members of Congress for Supporting Health Centers and Taking Action to Fix the Cliff 

Collectively tens of thousands of Health Center Advocates across the country stood up and took action to demanded a fix to the Health Center Funding Cliff – months of hard work and persistent advocacy paid off! On Friday, February 9th, Congress voted to extend health center funding – fixing the health center funding cliff for two years. You can read more about the vote and what was included in the spending package here. Now is the time to thank your Members of Congress for their support for health centers and efforts to fix the cliff  An enormous amount of work and advocacy went into achieving this cliff fix – there are LOTS of Thank You’s to go around – make sure to begin with your Members of Congress!


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