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We are a robust grassroots network of over 175,000 Health Center Advocates, fighting for good policies and sustainable funding for America’s Health Centers. Join us!

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Below are pressing issues that impact the future of health centers. Contact your Members of Congress today!

Long-Term Funding Legislation

In late December, Congress provided a short-term extension of health center mandatory funding through May 22. To learn more about what this means, please read our blog post. Health centers need as much funding as possible to provide room for growth and long-term stability.

Here is a quick reminder of the ways you and your members of Congress can get involved in the effort to support health centers:


• Ways That Members of Congress Can Get Involved:
o Tweet/Post on social media public support for health centers
o Write an OP-ed for a local or national news outlet.
o Visit a health center.


• Ways That YOU can get involved:
o Email your Members of Congress 
o Tweet/ post on Social Media using #ValueCHCs and tag your Members of Congress
o Write a Letter to the Editor or an Op-ed for a local or national news outlet
o Arrive with Five: Meet with your member of Congress in the district office and take four people with you.

Congressional Health Centers Caucus

The Congressional Health Centers Caucus in both the House and Senate was established as a venue for Members of Congress to identify themselves as health center supporters, educate their colleagues on the importance of health centers, share information on health center priorities, and champion the Health Center Program.

Joining the Caucus is a great way for Members of Congress to stay apprised of any legislative efforts that could impact the health centers in their district. For health center advocates, increasing the number of Community Health Center Caucus members is a key way to demonstrate broad bipartisan support for health centers. The caucuses are always seeking new members.


Take action on the right to ask your Members of Congress to join the Health Centers Caucus. If your MOC is already on the caucus, you will be prompted to send them a thank-you message!