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We are a robust grassroots network of over 175,000 Health Center Advocates, fighting for good policies and sustainable funding for America’s Health Centers. Join us!

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Best Practices

Fostering a Culture of Advocacy

Want to foster a culture of advocacy at your health center but not sure where to start? Are you interested in accessing tools and resources to help you spread the word about health centers and the amazing work they do in communities across the country? Check out the Health Center Advocacy Network’s Advocacy 101 Toolkit.


  • Building Advocacy– Understand the steps to creating and engaging a passionate, dedicated advocacy team at your health center.
  • Plan Ahead– Advocacy shouldn’t always be reactive. Set a calendar so you can be prepared for the year!
  • Advocacy Legal Do’s and Don’ts – Learn what your health center can do to advocate and where the legal lines are drawn.
  • Get Informed – Get up to speed with the latest information and statistics regarding Community Health Centers.
  • Working With Elected Officials – Learn how to reach out and foster a relationship with your health center’s elected officials.
  • Spread the Word about health centers! Use HC Advocacy fliers, signup sheets, and social media tools to build support for health centers.


This toolkit and its accompanying resources are meant to serve as a guide for you to create a successful advocacy program for your health center. All successful advocacy programs are tailored to fit their organizational and community culture – take these resources and adapt them to fit your community’s unique needs!