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Boosting Visibility in Your District

Boosting Visibility in Your District

An important part of your advocacy is making sure that your health center’s work is seen throughout your district. How is the work of your health center currently promoted amongst your community members? One way is to meet potential advocates where they already are. Think of places in your community where you share space with others. This could be with a faith group, sports team, class or PTA board, etc. Ask for a few minutes to talk about the health center movement and what it means for the community.

Another way to promote health center work and policy issues is to direct people to information. Post flyers that name your health centers and be sure encourage the viewer to go online and learn more.  Share them with community members.

Click here to view a sample flyer, consider making one that encourages people to learn more about your health center.  Utilize local bulletin boards, colleges or universities, and community centers. These are places where grassroots work is likely to already be in action and where allies can be met.

Challenges: Talk about your health center and the health center movement with your identified group. Encourage them to take action at hcadvocacy.com/takeaction. Print out 10-20 copies of a flyer for your health center and post around your community.  Take pictures of your advocacy work and share with @HCAdvocacy on Facebook and Twitter!