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Building Advocacy in Your Health Center

Building Advocacy in Your Health Center

We need to instill a culture of advocacy in our work environments to ensure that health center voices are lifted up in the years ahead. In the health center movement, our most poignant stories come from those who work or are cared for daily in health centers. These stories tell the uncut, nonbiased realities that health centers and patients face in their respective communities. Thus, we must work to ensure that every health center staff or patient is empowered to advocate. That is the nature of our grassroots movement. This is how our communities win.

The Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE) program and its counterpart, HACE – ACE for Spanish-speaking communities, are both great ways to begin creating an organizational commitment to advocacy. HCAdvocacy has three levels of ACE/HACE qualifications, from bronze to gold. Please contact Kristin St. John for inquiries regarding the ACE programs or Shamaal Sheppard for those regarding HACE.

Our goal in advocacy is to empower everyone affiliated with the health center movement to use their voice. You don’t have to be an expert or an executive to be an advocate. For those of you new to advocacy, the HCAdvocacy staff and resources are here to help guide you.

We encourage to share this blog post and HCAdvocacy resources with others so that they join the movement and advocate for their own community health centers.