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Get the Conversation Started

Get the Conversation Started

Storytelling is the basis of effective advocacy. Being able to share stories about what happens at health centers and the great services they provide will help mobilize grassroots support for our mission.  For the inaugural week of our fall funding push, we are focusing on engaging in simple conversations about health centers. Make an effort to talk to five different people who are not familiar with your health center’s work. Include three components in these conversations:

  1. Why you love serving health centers
  2. What they mean to you and/or patients
  3. Why it is so important for community health centers to receive funding.


Take a moment to reflect after each conversation.  Do you feel that you effectively conveyed our message? Did you pique their interest?  Most importantly, are you becoming more comfortable sharing your story? Hopefully the answer to all three of these questions is yes! If not, keep practicing! You are likely closer to that point than you think. Get out there and start spreading the word about health centers. Email grassroots@nachc.org and tell us about any positive or interesting responses you receive!