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Keeping the Pressure On!

Keeping the Pressure On!

Advocacy is an ongoing practice. There are always issues that we will need put at the forefront of the media and in the minds of policymakers. This is especially true considering that health centers care for underserved populations with complex needs. It is our responsibility to uplift each other and our collective message. This requires strategic thinking, persistence, and collaboration.

Recently as you have been advocating for health center through personal conversations, partnerships, and meeting with congressional staffers, you may wonder what else could possibly be done—as we still are waiting for confirmed funding from Congress. What is important in this time is to keep the pressure on! We are very close to the finish line, but we cannot let up just yet.

Consistent engagement – training for a marathon rather than running a series of sprints – will help build advocacy endurance and sustain the community health center movement. Check in on the people that you’ve brought into this movement and make sure they feel up to date, informed and engaged. Extend the invitation for them to participate in upcoming HCAdvocacy actions. Offer to talk about community initiatives that they are involved with and how you could support them.

Unity for Community health Day was incredibly powerful! Your consistent actions remind members of congress that health centers strengthen communities and need  them to leverage their power to get long-term funding passed. Stay energized, stay connected, and we will see this funding push through together!