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Messaging and Framing in Grassroots Advocacy

Messaging and Framing in Grassroots Advocacy

Community Health Centers exist all over the country. This makes us diverse in a range of characteristics, including economic and political issues. Health centers will frame their messages and advocacy strategies in their local communities based on these differences. Communities and elected representatives respond to messaging depending on shared values, legislative priorities, language preferences, and cultural norms. Your advantage: You know your community better than anyone!

Spend this week using materials on the HCAdvocacy website to help craft your message. For instance, we have the Vital Impact Estimator that can help provide local advocates with specific economic data points to use on a consistent basis. We also have an elevator pitch sheet that can help you solidify a quick, advocacy-centered conversation so you can engage with any stakeholder. Continue practicing our conversations from last week and incorporate consistent and concise messaging using HCAdvocacy tools!