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National Health Center Week 2021 – Patient Appreciation

Today’s blog is brought to us by Eva Scheppa of Family Health Center of Marshfield, Inc., located in Marshfield, WI

Family Health Center of Marshfield, Inc. (FHCM) celebrates National Health Center Week proudly serving patients in central and northern Wisconsin since 1974. The Mission of FHCM is to provide access to high-quality health care services for the underserved and to enhance the health of our communities.

Preparing for NHCW I asked staff to share their experiences, how they are making a difference every day, and why they work for FHCM. Here is what they said.

To remain patient-centered, we conduct focus groups from time to time to understand and enhance our substance use disorder services at our three alcohol and drug recovery centers. “Seeing how amazing recovery is for people has been extraordinarily satisfying. Being able to identify and use the expertise of those with lived experience is welcomed and seen as a valuable asset. Every person has a story and they deserve to have the chance to share it.”

FHCM dentists are able to provide the underserved special needs population with much-needed dental care including operating room privileges. In addition, we are able to address dental care at our 10 dental centers. “We are smile makers! When we can help a person go from not wanting to smile to wanting to do nothing but smile and show everyone their brand new teeth, there is nothing better.”

Case management team members appreciate the importance of working closely to bridge gaps between patients and their health care provider. “Being an advocate and a voice for those we serve is special to this organization and to me. I want my patients to know they are important to me.”

Day-changing conversations are possible through each interaction with our enabling services team members. “Nothing is more rewarding than when you hear the sigh of relief, and sometimes tears, when folks find out they now have health insurance. I love serving the patients we encounter knowing we are making a difference in their lives.”

Pharmacy services provide medications, listen to the challenges patients are facing, and make the connections to take care of that need. “A patient mentioned their nebulizer machine broke. We connected with case management who facilitated a referral for Angel Funds to pay for a new machine.”

The FHCM board and leadership have an authentic commitment to living its mission to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality care, and this trickles down throughout the organization. “We are trying to change healthcare through accessible, affordable, innovative and compassionate care.”

FHCM and all community health centers have a unique opportunity to interact at a personal level. “We know our patients and they know us by name. Makes us feel like we are taking care of family, not customers. Why wouldn’t you want to work here?! The amazing teamwork and collaboration across all of FHCM makes my work so satisfying.”

The Word Cloud illustrates the many wonderful thoughts shared and how staff appreciates the opportunity to experience life-changing moments with the community members we serve.

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