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Strengthening your Online Presence

Strengthening your Online Presence

Social media is a tool and platform with various uses and benefits. It connects us to people and issues we may not encounter in our everyday lives. Its’ vitality has made it a necessary medium in disseminating information, maintaining social relationships and building brands and movements. For those familiar with using these online networks, incorporating the health center message may seem simple.  For those not as familiar, the process can appear daunting.

Regardless of your level of experience with social media, HCAdvocacy has tools that can help you strengthen your online presence.

Some tips to remember when posting on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Use graphics when possible – grab attention and boost engagement, get creative!
  • Be consistent in your messaging and frequency – make sure your followers know they can count on you for information they need it.
  • Engage, engage, engage! – communicate with your followers and contribute to the online conversations!


Social media is one of the Community Health Center movement’s greatest tools in building grassroots support. Dedicate some time to use HCAdvocacy resources to develop social media content and strengthen your online presence. Make sure you follow @HCAdvocacy on Twitter and Facebook!