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We Are All Advocates

We Are All Advocates

“All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy.”- Samantha Power, former US Ambassador to the UN

The quote from Ambassador Samantha Power is one of my favorite definitions of “advocacy.” Advocacy is just that – “an exercise in empathy.” When you receive requests to reach out to your elected officials about a specific subject, there’s always a plea to share your personal story. It may be YOUR story, but by sharing it, you’re helping to make a difference in your community.

Yes, this sounds scary, and I’m sure you have questions. What is Advocacy? Why is sharing your personal story advocacy?

Well, Team HC Advocacy is here to help.

We’re all naturally advocates. Any time we share information with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors – actually, any time we talk, we are advocating for something. Everything from those days of asking an adult for permission to go to the movies to explaining to our teacher why we need that extra day to finish a project can fall under the umbrella of advocacy.

As adults, we are now looking at advocacy on a whole new tier – reaching out to elected officials about important issues they are making for their constituents. Contacting Congressional members may seem daunting, and you may second guess how important your opinion is to these people.

Here’s an important tidbit – Face your fears. Your voice matters and it MUST be heard.

Currently, we are experiencing a health crisis of epic proportions and a long-term one at that. For the past two years, community health center advocates have been telling anyone who could hear how vital health centers are as a safety net, and how long-term, stable funding is needed to help them thrive. Then 2020 happened, and community health centers are not only fighting to stay open, but they are also fighting to make sure their communities survive.

You all showed up, and people see the great things you can do….for everyone. We have had elected officials, local, state, and federal, tell you how important you all are in this battle. Now, it’s their turn to join you. And, we need to do encourage them to join us in this fight.

Every one of us.

How? Make sure you participate in the monthly National Day of Action.  Consider taking the following steps to help amplify the community health center voice:

      1. Sending personal emails to your members of Congress via the HCAdvocacy Action Take Action page
      2. Share the Take Action link on social media, with a quick ask that others do the same
      3. Personally reach out to family, friends, and colleagues asking them to take action. Sometimes, a quick text or call goes a long way.
      4. Share the community health center infographics via your personal social media, and tag your members of Congress.
      5. Posting a video on social media explaining why you are taking action, so others can see how important it is to you and the community overall.


It may make you feel weird, but that extra step outside our comfort zone can make all the difference.

The time is now! Your voice is going to make all the difference.

Need help? Feel free to reach out to the HCAdvocacy Team at grassroots@nachc.org, and we’ll be happy to assist you at any time.