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What lies ahead for Advocacy in 2020

What lies ahead for Advocacy in 2020

This year has been busy. You have been constantly advocating, caring for patients, strengthening communities, and so much more. As we await a long-term funding solution near the year’s end, you are due a well-deserved rest. At HCAdvocacy. We plan to start the year with a refreshed and revitalized advocacy plan for 2020 – and we encourage you all to join us!

HCAdvocacy’s goals for the next year are simple: Master Storytelling.

For centuries, our collective histories, cultures, and values have been shared through this intricate artform. This is how we will engage new advocates, gain more influence and build our movement. Who has better stories than folks like you – on the ground, working and living within the communities surrounding our health centers? Patients, board members, staff, execs, and general advocates alike all have unique connections and perspectives on the value of CHCs. By intentionally working to improve our storytelling, we can effectively share those perspectives and achieve other advocacy goals. Goals such as building the patient voice, institutionalizing advocacy in health centers, and achieving prominence during an election year.

Check out the 2020 Advocacy Calendar on our Best Practices page to see highlighted events and to help build your own advocacy calendar!

Your work this year was inspiring, lives and communities are stronger for it. Take a merited break over the holiday season and join us in 2020 even stronger. Thank you!