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Key Contact Program

Key Contact Program

Health Center Key Contacts are advocates who have direct, working relationships (whether personal or professional) with Members of Congress, and in some cases, key Congressional staff. Health Center Key Contacts are those who can pick up the phone or send a personal email to communicate directly with their Member of Congress to deliver the Health Center message and experience on various issues impacting the Health Center Program and the patients Heath Centers serve.


Key Contacts are utilized for everything from targeted advocacy calls to action with certain committees of jurisdiction, to laying the groundwork with Congressional offices before broad alerts are sent to the larger Health Center Advocacy Network. The work Key Contacts do to educate and influence policymakers is often reinforced by the more than 175,000 advocates across the country.


With an overarching goal to identify and maintain a Health Center Key Contact for each Member of Congress, the Key Contacts Program is constantly evolving to engage an ever growing group of Advocates with direct, personal relationships with their Members of Congress and their staff. The Health Center Key Contact Program is part of NACHC’s effort to ensure that the Health Center message is delivered to policymakers with both quality and quantity.

Do you have a relationship with your Member of Congress, and are you interested in becoming a Key Contact? Let us know! Email Susan Burton at sburton@nachc.org.