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Call-In Sample Script

Sample Call Script: 


“Hi. My name is [Insert Name] and I live in [Insert Town]. I am calling on behalf of [Insert Health Center Name Here] because we need you to pass additional emergency and long-term funding for Community Health Centers.


Community Health Centers are on the front lines of addressing the coronavirus pandemic and keeping our country safe and healthy. As healthy patient visits drop, health centers are facing severe drops in revenue. Without additional emergency funding, health centers across the country may have to shut their doors.


Community Health Centers need to survive this crisis and have funds to care for increasing numbers of neighbors who are unemployed and uninsured.


[Insert why Community Health Centers are important to you]


You have counted on us for five decades to serve our communities. We are counting on you now to support additional emergency and long-term funding so health centers can survive and care for our 30 million patients well beyond this pandemic.


Thank you!”


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