About The Health Center Advocacy Network

We are a robust grassroots network of over 175,000 Health Center Advocates, fighting for good policies and sustainable funding for America’s Health Centers. Join us!

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Join us in a national effort where we fill congressional district and state offices on March 18! Coinciding with our annual Hill Day in Washington D.C., advocates will be making noise across the country to ensure Congress understands the value of Community Health Centers for patients and communities. 


Congress will not be in session during this time so it is the perfect time to build those key relationships with members of Congress and their district office staff. You can also invite members to visit your health center or attend a Town Hall hosted by your member! 

Join our Unity for Community Prep Webinar on March 5, 2020 at 3:00pm EST: Register Here!


Three Weeks Prior to Meeting:

How do I even get started with scheduling a meeting with my elected official? What do I even say when we get there? Check out the tools below for help!


Day-Of Meeting- Leave Behind Packet Resources:

Always come prepared with a folder of documents you can leave behind when meeting with elected officials. Print off the documents below and be sure to supplement with documents specific to your health center!


After Meeting Action Items:

I’ve meet with my elected official or their staff, what should I do now?


  • Make sure to send a thank you note to the office! Reiterate the importance of your health center and thank them for their time.
  • Let us know how it went! Fill out this post-meeting report.

More Ways to Take Action on March 18: