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Community Health Centers across the country are working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure that almost 30 million patients receive care amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time for health center advocates to stand up and stand together.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to change the way we are thinking about contacting our members of Congress. If your health center has not yet had to make the shift to emergency procedures, we need you to stand in for our health center community. Our colleagues, friends, and neighbors can no longer afford to operate with uncertainty in funding. 


Participating in Unity for Community Health Day is one way to advocate for our neighbors, but please remember to do so safely! Call district offices ahead of time to ensure offices are open and receiving visitors, or request to have your meeting moved to a virtual platform. You can also call or email your members of Congress and show your support on social media. Remember to invite your friends and family to join you as well.


We are grateful for the dedication of Community Health Center staff, patients, and advocates. Thank you for standing up, and standing together during this difficult time. Stay healthy, stay safe, and wash your hands!

Be sure to share your scheduled meetings with us, here.

Prior to Meeting:

How do I even get started with scheduling a meeting with my elected official? What do I even say when we get there? Check out the tools below for help!


Day-Of Meeting- Leave Behind Packet Resources:

Always come prepared with a folder of documents you can leave behind when meeting with elected officials. Print off the documents below and be sure to supplement with documents specific to your health center!


After Meeting Action Items:

I’ve meet with my elected official or their staff, what should I do now?


  • Make sure to send a thank you note to the office! Reiterate the importance of your health center and thank them for their time.
  • Let us know how it went! Fill out this post-meeting report.

More Ways to Take Action on March 18: