ACE Health Center Listing

Below is a list of Health Centers that have achieved ACE status. Click the + to expand the list.

AccessHealth (TX)

Asian Health Services (CA)

Athens Neighborhood Health Center (GA)

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (NY)
Care For the Homeless (NY)

Carevide (TX)

Carolina Health Centers (SC)

Community Health Care Systems, Inc. (GA)

Compass Community Health (OH)

Cumberland Family Medical Center (KY)

Delaware Valley Community Health, Inc. (PA)

Diversity Health Center (GA)

Duffy Health Center (MA)

East Texas Community Health Services (TX)

Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center (SC)

Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center (MA)

El Rio Health (AZ)

Foremost Family Health Centers (TX)

Georgia Mountains Health (GA)

Golden Valley Health Centers (CA)

Grace Health (KY)

HealthLinc (IN)

HealthPoint (TX)

HealthSource of Ohio (OH)

HopeHealth (SC)

Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center (LA)

International Community Health Services (WA)

Kintegra Health (NC)

Lorain County Health & Dentistry (OH)

McKinney Medical Center (GA) 

Medical Associates Plus (GA)

MedLink Georgia (GA)

Neighborhood Health Center of WNY (NY)

Northeast Valley Health Corporation (CA)

Oconee Valley Healthcare (GA)

Peak Vista Community Health Centers (CO)

Peninsula Community Health Services (WA)

Ryan Health (NY)

Salud Family Health (CO)

Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers (WI)

Siouxland  Community Health Center (IA)

Southeast Community Health Systems (LA) | also a Hispanic Advocacy Center of Excellence

Southwest Louisiana Primary Healthcare Center (LA)

Sun River Health (NY)

Sunrise Community Health (CO) | also a Hispanic Advocacy Center of Excellence

SWLA Center for Health Services (LA)

Teche Action Clinic (LA)

The Wright Center (PA)

Thunder Bay Community Health Service, Inc. (MI)

Union Community Health Center (NY)

Unity Care NW (WA)

Valley Health Systems (WV)
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center (OR)

Primary Care Associations (PCAs) are state or regional nonprofit organizations that provide training and technical assistance (T/TA) to safety-net providers, including Community Health Centers. The following PCAs have developed formal plans in partnership with NACHC to support building an active culture of health center advocacy within their states and regions. 

California Primary Care Association

Community Association of Mountains/Plains States (CHAMPS)

Florida Association of Community Health Centers

Kentucky Primary Care Association