golden.jpgWe did it! With your help we achieved our most recent goal of growing the Health Center Advocacy Network to 100,000 individuals in 100 days! Today, we are proud to announce that our Network of Health Center Advocates now totals close to 101,000 advocates who, like you, are committed to raising their voices on behalf of America’s Health Centers and the patients they serve. 

To be clear, you and all our advocates are NOT just names on a list. In the coming year the Health Center Program will once again face threats to its ability to carry out its mission. The return of the Primary Care Funding Cliff – which could mean a 70% reduction in funding for the Health Center Program should Congress fail to act – will  again demand a massive response from Health Center Advocates in order to deliver the health center message and secure critical support and resources to serve those we already care for and those in need of care.

Thanks to your efforts, more than 100,000 voices now stand ready to fight for the Health Center Program. The importance of this growth in our Advocacy Army cannot be overstated as we prepare to take on the challenges that lie ahead. You are at the heart of the Health Center Program – Health Center Advocates like you, who stepped up and reached across their network to bring new advocates into our community to help achieve this ambitious goal and ensure a bright future for Health Centers and their patients. This is indeed a major benchmark in our efforts, but we will not and cannot stop here. With nearly 200,000 staff and board members and more than 25 million patients, all of whom have a stake in the success of our advocacy, we have the potential for an even larger and even more powerful army that we will continue to build.

For now, we want to thank you for your tireless advocacy, for pushing us across the finish line to achieve 100,000 Advocates in 100 Days –  THANK YOU for all you do to support America’s Health Centers and the patients they serve. Keep up the incredible work!

The NACHC Advocacy Team,

Amanda Pears Kelly – National Advocacy Director

Alex Harris – Manager, Grassroots Advocacy Special Populations

Elizabeth Kwasnik – Manager, Grassroots Advocacy

Dorian Wanzer – Manager, Grassroots Advocacy Communications & Outreach

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